Workforce as a Service
In every company, Human Resources are just assets which generate income. Human Resources can be easily divided into Administration and Operational Workforce. Across other two, workforce is the primary production factor (others being land and the capital, i.e. by A. Smith or D. Ricardo). Without the plausible workforce, there’
ACTTiVAte project - another funding granted!!
We’re happy to announce that we obtained another EU-based funding for implementation proposal & plan drafting and/or cross-sector pilot implementation!!! A proposal by MezzoWork Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) was chosen among many SMEs from several European countries among top 50 proposals been scored and selected for funding.
Microwork in Health Diagnosis
The impact of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) on society is very high and the microworking approach is a part of it. This means, conducting small pieces of work (microtasks) on-line. It can be perceived as a partial (or full) substitute of regular (i.e. full-time) office employment. It allows
MezzoWork new website is live
We'are happy to announce the launch of MezzoWork new website! It's totally new and built without any templates. Check out our new website! Meanwhile our team is working hard on introducing the real service for microworking. I hope we finish it soon! Finally we got rid of placeholder website :)
Summertime Fellowships
The team rose (temporarily for the time being) by 400%! The whole Team has various skills and thus contributes in an emergent way to the MezzoWork way. Collaboration is two-way beneficial.
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